Substance Use Disorder

“We need a large-scale social intervention to change public attitudes toward addiction and people who have the disease. Besides ensuring proper training and the resources needed to help patients with substance use disorders, we need to seriously reconsider policies — not only laws but regulations and practices in health care and other settings — that promote viewing substance use as wrongdoing. And we must make it safe for patients and families to discuss addiction and remove the shame that interferes with its treatment.”

 – Dr. Nora Volkow, Director,
National Institute on Drug Abuse

The Pallottine Foundation of Buckhannon recognizes that West Virginia continues to have the highest rate of drug-related mortalities in the country with 1,330 overdose deaths in 2020. We believe that collaborative efforts are necessary to combat the continued challenges relating to substance use disorder.

Our Foundation supports innovative projects that expand access to substance use disorder treatment or address systemic barriers to long-term recovery.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • General health and nutrition in recovery
  • Harm reduction initiatives
  • Medical-legal partnerships
  • Residential and outpatient treatment
  • Peer-support programs
  • Substance use disorder prevention services

Learn more about substance use disorder grants on our Healthy Communities Initiative page.